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Martin Bissett

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Martin is a veteran of hundreds of keynotes to over 40 nations around the world
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Financial Literacy

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What Credentials Does Martin Have To Help Your Business?

Martin’s professional purpose is to alert business owners to the reality of their personal and professional aspirations.

Since 1998, Martin Bissett has dedicated his work to supporting business owners primarily via their accountants.

Martin enables understanding, supportive and proactive businesses to develop significant new business and increase their own commercial awareness in order to move their organisations forward into substantial growth and progress independently.

The outcome of Martin’s work is profitable new business for the businesses he is engaged by, alongside the fine-tuning of teams of directors and emerging leaders who can develop new business.

In total, he has worked with over 1800 organisations, is the author of 11 books alongside other media and found it unnecessary to keep track of his contributions to the new business growth of those firms once it surpassed a compounded £500m.

He now coaches, mentors, speaks, trains and consults with accounting firms and SMEs worldwide.

What Does Martin Teach?

Martin's foundational teaching is the Cash Compass

Compass point 1
To set the ‘true north’ in terms of the financial operations of the business.

Compass point 2
To set the ‘true north’ in terms of the ability to forecast new business.

The principles of the Cash Compass

Compass point 3
To set the ‘true north’ in terms of both profitability levels and margin levels.

Compass point 4
To set the ‘true north’ in terms of pricing strategy to become policy throughout the organisation.

Martin has taught the Cash Compass principle to organisations in over 40 countries since 2012 including SMEs, Accountants, FinTechs and Marketing organisations. 

The Cash Compass is Martin’s proprietary content and system for achieving SME financial freedom.

Who Does Martin Support and Advise?

Martin Bissett at conference

If You Are A…

  • Managing Director
  • Sole Trader
  • Partner
  • Director

Of An…

  • Start-up business
  • Small business
  • Medium-sized business
  • Vendor to the Accounting Profession

Who Wants To...

1. Deliver PROOF to your market on why they should work with you

2. Increase the quality of PROACTIVE new business enquiries

3. Improve your PRICING structure

4. Create a PIPELINE of prospects to accurately forecast your new business income

5. PROGRESS through to developing new income streams 

6. Increase the net PROFITABILITY of your organisation

7. Develop and Establish your PERSONAL brand and career

8. Accelerate your Rising Stars  to realise your overriding PURPOSE for being in business

Then You Should...

Martin has been chosen to advise

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Institute of Financial Accounants
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Receipt Bank

Martin has been chosen to provide content for

BKR International
Russell Bedford International
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Digital Accounting Forum
SAAA South Africa

What Do You Want to Be Remembered For?

Martin Bissett
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All of Martin’s value propositions for accountants are housed under the umbrella of The Bissett Group which owns, and co-owns, various assets designed exclusively for the accounting and bookkeeping professions. 

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